About Us

Tekin and Associates LLC is a boutique commercial real estate development firm focused on restaurant and retail infill development and re-development. Our core competency is the identification, acquisition and development of fundamentally superior real estate site locations in mature markets with high barriers to entry. We enjoy the ongoing challenge and have the pleasure to work collaboratively with a team of some of the industry’s best.

With keen attentiveness, we actively seek out markets where competitor sales volumes indicate that restaurant operators and retailers are outperforming market averages. We are able to creatively leverage existing relationships to overcome potential impediments. With in-house capital resources and existing banking relationships we are able to perform timely and competitively in the marketplace. Equally important, our existing experience and track record of performance in this small and unique space gives us the confidence to make prompt decisions and stick to them through closing.

Great real estate locations allow both landlord’s and tenant’s businesses to flourish. We have enjoyed the opportunities restaurant operators and retailers have provided us with to help fill the most challenging holes in their market expansion plans. We are actively looking to acquire more property. Call us today and let’s see how we might be able to work together.